Ringvorlesung: Challenges in the Creative Industries (Teil 3 / English)

Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019
Hochschule Macromedia, Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin
Hochschule Macromedia
Art der Veranstaltung: 

Welches sind die „Herausforderungen der Kreativindustrien“ – und welches die Erfolgsstrategien? Zu diesem Thema stellt die Hochschule Macromedia am Campus Berlin zu Semesterbeginn in einer vierteiligen Ringvorlesung aktuelle Forschungstrends vor. Der dritte und vierte Teil findet auf Englisch statt. Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich, externe Gäste sind willkommen.




What are the “Challenges of Creative Industries” – and how do success strategies look like? Within the framework of this debate, Macromedia University Berlin is organizing a four-part lecture series at semester beginning and discussing current research trends.


On October 15, from 4.30 pm, professors Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck, Tutia Schaad, Suzan Terzioglu and Thomas Stegmann are inviting to the third part of the series which is directed to our international community. They will inspire you with research insights in the fields gender and diversity issues in advertising, sustainability in fashion, and narrative prototyping. The event is public and cost free, external guests are welcome.


Registration: http://bit.ly/32paptQ

Location: Hochschule Macromedia, MM33 Höfe | Mehrigdamm 33, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Program on October 15, 2019, from 4.30 pm


4.30 pm: „Gender and Diversity Issues in Advertising“ (Kleinselbeck)

Gender and diversity discussions appear as old as advertising itself. While some researchers believe that stereotypes are simply a mirror of society, others are criticizing advertising for its culturally and societally formative character when it comes to gender and endorsers’ roles. Especially in the context of influencer marketing, the discussion on stereotyping and discrimination has gained new attention. But while advertising branch has long be considered as a very modern and open minded workplace, also diversity issues have come increasingly into criticism. Is there a way out of the stereotyping discussion? Are sexual discrimination or other means of stereotyping still as widely spread as they used to be? How is diversity integrated in modern advertising organizations? Do gender and diversity policies in agencies affect the way advertising is designed? In this lecture, Kleinselbeck will highlight current research findings of gender and diversity issues in the advertising industry.


5.00 pm: „Sustainability in Fashion between Craftsmanship & Innovation” (Schaad/Terzioglu)

Sustainability in fashion is a word we constantly hear about today. But what makes a design or a business sustainable? Which kind of design process and possible approaches to sustainability does exist? Is it possible at all for the generation of upcoming designers to build a profitable business based on sustainability? Which sustainable goals are set by big companies? In this lecture, Schaad and Terzioglu will go through the different aspects of slow consumption, local buying, handcraft, quality and technical innovation in the achievement of sustainability and creativity in same time.


5.30 pm: „Narrative Prototyping“ (Stegmann)

As brands are attempting to build a life time relationship with customers, traditional market segmentation is struggling to map increasingly diverse societies and the ever changing life choices of modern consumers. In addition products are not only supplemented by but partly even replaced by services. In this context many traditional prototyping tools are struggling to allow predictions of complex customer behavior. So how can we understand needs, behavior and wishes of varied customer groups? How can we test services and products without using often costly traditional prototyping tools? How can a communicate ideas with the many stakeholders effectively? The lecture is about why telling stories might help you to understand your own ideas and their value for your customers better.


About the lecture series

On October 8, 9, 15 and 16, Macromedia University and Atelier Chardon Savard are inviting to the four-part lecture series „Challenges in the Creative Industries“. 13 scientists will introduce and discuss current research trends in branches like music, design, fashion, new media or advertising just as much as new and more creative methods, strategies, or aspects from management or culture.

8th of October, 2019 (German) >

4.30 pm: Musiker 4.0 - zwischen Streaming und KI (Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke)

5.00 pm: Ambidextrie (Prof. Dr. Markus Rometsch)

5.30 pm: Die TV-Branche im Wandel (Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Carl Wachs)


9th of October 2019 (German) >

4.30 pm: Zukunft Corporate Communications und Journalismus (Prof. Dr. Dominik Pietzcker)

5.00 pm: Crossmedialer Journalismus in lokalen Kommunikationsräumen (Prof. Dr. Jens Große)


15th of October 2019 (English) >
4.30 pm: Gender and Diversity in Creative Industries (Prof. Dr. Kleinselbeck)

5.00 pm: Sustainability in Fashion (Prof. Tutia Schaad / Prof. Suzan Terzioglu)

5.30 pm: Narrative Prototyping (Prof. Thomas Stegmann)


16th of October 2019 (English) >
4.30 pm: Digital Meme (Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram)

5.00 pm: Stories of Scientific Failure (Mafalda Sandrini / Kata Katz)

5.30 pm: Strategic Design (Prof. Lars Grau)



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